Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Kids Think

Kids make the funniest connections in their minds. Sometimes it's a struggle (a hilarious one) to figure out how they jump from one topic of conversation to another. I wish I had written some of these conversations down.

Here's an example, though I have no idea what said child was actually thinking:

My friend was reading a book to his daughter (age three). He pointed to a giraffe and asked her what it was. She said "Microwave."

Clearly this child knows the difference between a giraffe and a microwave. What's going on here?

Probably something like this:

Giraffes are yellow.
So are bananas.
Bananas are food.
We cook food in the microwave.



  1. maybe she was hungry and wanted to eat some giraffe meat. being so smart she knew giraffe is kosher (if she's even Jewish). i'm being serious.


  2. And for babies and toddlers this is another great reason to sign with them-to get a window into their own special world. When My son was 1 he pointed at a picture of my husband and his friend and signed "caterpillar" . I looked in the picture and there as no caterpillar, no snake and nothing resembling these things in the room. It was only when he pointed at the picture again that I realized that the "caterpillar" in question was actually my husband's friend's moustache!!

  3. TR - Hmmm.... unlikely. But always a possibility. :)

    Tanya - Hilarious!

    Thank you both so much for commenting.

  4. Perfectly ImperfectDecember 29, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    My son looked at the lamps above my bed really intently and said "two!" . There were two lamps. Yes, may not seem super brilliant, I know, but, hey, this little fellow can now count! And two is his favorite number for sure, though he can sorta count to ten (but for some reason usually likes to stop at four).

  5. Perfectly Imperfect - That's the kind of example I was trying to think of. Thank you!

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