Thursday, December 16, 2010


Welcome to Dummies For Parenting (since Parenting For Dummies was already taken).

I decided to start this blog because I love parenting and I love being able to give people advice about how to raise and educate the beautiful human beings they have created, who are one day going to need the skills to take care of themselves and to run a productive and positive society.

Parenting is TOUGH! Anyone who's tried it for even a couple of hours knows that.

And all parents make mistakes. A lot of mistakes.

Parenting is a learning process. We learn a lot of it by doing. But isn't it great when you have a question and you know an experienced parent who can shed some light on this new stage in your child's development?

I know it is for me! I have a list of friends I call when I need advice on anything from potty-training to answering religious and philosophical questions. And I'll admit it, I also take a parenting class. Parenting is the most important thing I'm ever going to do with my life. I want to do it right! (Or as "right" as it's possible to do something like parenting.)

My friends asked me some questions this week and I decided that since my advice was sound, it might be helpful to other parents going through the same thing. And so Dummies For Parenting - Parenting 101 was born. I hope you'll check in often and ask me questions. Preferably questions I can answer. But questions I don't know how to answer are good too. Let's learn together and become better parents together.

Oh, and one caveat: My oldest is four. I can't help you with anything beyond the scope of raising a four-year-old. At least not from experience. Try me, though. Between all the reading I do, my friends with older kids, and my parenting class, you never know. I might just surprise me.

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  1. I am glad that I could have sparked off something that I hope will help a lot more people than our little family!! I look forward reading your pearls of wisdom! love Gina